It certainly commands attention with a view of the Parade Ground at its center. Troy D. Kok, commanding general of the 99th RSC, center, cut the ribbon at the revitalized facility in Fort Totten. From here, Urban Park Rangers start their tours that lead into the tunnels and onto the ramparts of the fort. The objective is to be ready for training and to be ready for the real world, said Pvt. The New York City and Brooklyn areas feature first-class tourist destinations from Broadway to Yankee Stadium. The U.S. Army Reserves can now refurbish aging and damaged equipment and outfit small arms in a dark-room for calibrating sights. The content offered on is for general informational purposes only and may not be relevant to any consumers specific situation, this content should not be construed as legal or financial advice. These picture brought back great memories of going to the Officers Club and sitting on out from porch across from the water. Armed Forces Recruiting Federal Government. Maj. Gen. Rodney Faulk, commanding general of the U.S. Army Reserves 99th Readiness Division headquartered on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey, and Command Sgt. Overtime the water did sink into the Fort, especially in the tunnel to Fort Schuyler. " in 6 reviews " This is a gorgeous Park in Bayside in Queens , and is green and lush and surrounded by water - and beautiful. It is located on the Willets Point peninsula on the north shore of Long Island. NYCs Christmas Streets [SpliceToday] Expert Help. The former Officers Club is the proud home Bayside Historical Society. Learn how your comment data is processed. The grounds of this defunct military installation turned underfunded public park are home to over 100 historic buildings representing a series of changes that have taken place over the area's quiet 200 year history. We lived at 6 Murray Avenue which, as near as I can tell, shows up as Building 402 in Sadly, the houses built before 1890 are gone, with the exception of the old Willetts farmhouse. [3] [4] Fort Totten is at the head of Little Neck Bay, where the East River widens to become Long Island Sound. Above the Water Battery are the Endicott batteries that were built in the last decade of the 19th century. Fort Totten: 1862, Queens County. Those due to be reassigned to Fort Hamilton with family members should contact Balfour Beatty at (718) 630-4697 for information about on-post family housing and referrals for off-post options where appropriate. Governors Island also has a pool of similar size but the city opted to leave it abandoned while restoring that bases theater building. As Kevin noted in Oct. 2018, the base has its own set of streets with unique signs and lampposts. Explore the transport tunnel, torpedo magazines, the old Water Battery, the main magazine, and more. My Uncle served here at some point till when he retired in 1970? Click here to view additional information about Ernie It was dedicated to the famous WWII war All new arrivals are directed to report to their gaining command AND visit the Fort Hamilton Visitor Center where they will be instructed on current inprocessing requirements. If you have questions about Veteran programs offered through or by the Dept. These batteries were abandoned in 1938. Not sure who created it this way. There is a historic Civil Way fortress on the park grounds. We were still headquartered at Fort Totten. Many of them have roof leaks and structural issues. That would benefit all of New York, as would taking some of Totten and redeveloping it. Log in Join. Our battery was site 18 at Little Ferry, New Jersey on Moonachie Ave where a Burger King now stands. for Journalism in 1944 for his coverage of the war in the European Police Department, and US Army Reserve. We were only there a short timeless than a yearbefore my father was sent to Europe, but I still have very fond memories of living there as well as some of the other kids . no course. I am most interested in establishing contact with anyone who lived at Fort Totten during that period. Activated 27 October 1947 at New York, New York (Organized Reserves redesignated 25 March 1948 as the Organized Reserve Corps; redesignated 9 July 1952 as the Army Reserve) Reorganized. Location field must contain 'city, state' or a zip code to perform a radius search (e.g., Denver, CO or 46122).City and state must be separated by a comma followed by a space (e.g., Houston, TX) Enrollments are handled on the local level; elementary and middle school registrations are accomplished at the school but high school enrollment is handled at district offices. excerpted from the Spring/Summer 1982 issue of The fort was named in 1898 after former Chief of Engineers Major General Joseph Gilbert Totten, the premier American designer of forts in the early 19th Century, and new gun batteries were built 1897-1904 as part of the Coast Defenses of Eastern New York as follows:[11][16], Battery King was built by converting two of the four pits of the earlier mortar battery to concrete, with four mortars in each pit. It was during his tenure that the pool was built. Interment in Arlington National [9][13] One of its first missions was the development of underwater minefields, which with some modernization would remain an important coast defense element through World War II. My father was a chaplain and an officer so we often ate at the officers club. Amazes me how the city has money to I knew. New York City and Brooklyn are also conveniently located for East Coast travel-you can catch a bus or train to Washington D.C., Baltimore, fly to Boston, or get your fill of closer-to-home attractions in the Hamptons and all over Long Island. The land had last served as a U.S. Army Reserve post in 1974 . Fort Totten was built was part of the Northern Defenses. Deshauna Barber, Commander, 988th Quartermaster Detachment tours the motor pool at the Army Reserve Center, Fort Totten, Bayside, NY, November 15, 2016. 02/28/2023 to 03/13/2023. Headquarters Happenings, Fort Hamilton also supports United States Army Reserve and New York Army National Guard units in the area. All Right Reserved. Other nearby installations. April 1983, which would have been the 38th anniversary of Looking towards the East River from the Coast Guard station one sees Throgs Neck Bridge and the Beechhurst neighborhood behind it. . Important units at Fort Hamilton include; In 1831 the first coastal defense of New York City was constructed-this is what would later become known as Fort Hamilton, named after Alexander Hamilton. At the time of this writing, the Fort Hamilton official sites list of services does not include mention of on-post health care options; service members should consult the TRICARE official site for in-network coverage options for the New York area. Sgt. The facility was constructed at the 2,100-personnel, Fort Totten Army Reserve Center, Fort, The actual fortifications can be seen at the northern tip of the peninsula, which also has the parks highest point at 68 feet. Bayside HS. The pond is located within the army enclave, so its not accessible to the public. Theater. 8. USARCOM. NEW YORK - Sgt. However, a history of the 5-inch regiment in France indicates that they never received ammunition and did not complete training before the Armistice. Valuable property left to rot when it could be developed, or turned into inaccessible, unneeded underfunded parks. (631) 724-4917. However, Fort Totten. Family, friends and fellow Soldiers gathered on the Fort Totten Parade field in NY as members of the command staff offered praise and words of wisdom on a beautiful Friday afternoon The U.S. Army Reserve honored six Soldiers who died in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center during a 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony held Sept. 12 outside the Ernie Pyle U.S. Army Reserve Center here. Foursquare City Guide. Those missions include a healthcare recruitment team, the New York Military Entrance Processing Station, and the headquarters of the North Atlantic Division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers which serves 14 states plus Europe and Africa. Vermin infestation and lead paint are also issues. Some people talk of giving spaces in the fort to Veterans but honestly the Fort Totten is a very damp place. The field facing these batteries was planted prior to 2005, when a dozen unremarkable residences were demolished in favor of more open space. | Army Organic Industrial Base Modernization Implementation Plan, Army announces upcoming 10th Mountain Division Headquarters unit rotation, Department of the Army announces upcoming 4th Infantry Division Headquarters deployment, Department of the Army announces upcoming 101st Airborne Sustainment Brigade deployment, Department of the Army announces upcoming 1st Stryker Brigade, 4th Infantry Division deployment, New East Texas Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army Invested. I played at the old ft and ran through every abandoned building with all my childhood friends. My father-in-law, Col F.T. Forgotten-NY has a detailed list of NYC streets that carry full names of individuals. The mission objective is to gain, maintain, and control the information environment on the battlefield by synchronizing related capabilities comprised of five core functions: electronic warfare,. Berg was base commander sometime in the 1960s. When no longer needed, get it back on the tax rolls and PRODUCTIVE. Fort Totten sits on a far-flung peninsula of the Long Island Sound, forming the Northeast corner of Queens. of Veterans Affairs, please visit their website at Since February, Soldiers conducted virtual battle assemblies (online video conferences) at home, instead of traditionally assembling in-person. While we may never agree on which football team is best, if coffee should be enjoyed black or with cream, or if is acceptable to The 389th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion held a deployment ceremony Oct 15, 2021 to honor their mobilization to Kuwait in Support of Operation Spartan Shield. The NAICS Category is 236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction. In the larger residences, they had two 275-gallon oil tanks in the basement to feed the furnace. The U.S. Army Reserve station at Fort Totten is the largest Reserve installation in the country and, according to Lt. Col. Pete Lupo, the upgraded facility will offer support to 60 other. In order to get ID card services, one or more of the following unexpired documentation may be required: All incoming personnel are directed to use to track and manage their household goods shipments. With the threat from German surface ships unlikely, they became more important as mobilization and training centers. . If you are a Virtual level member but would like . Each district may contain as many as 30 schools. It is located on the north shore of Long Island on the Willets . Pyle, in a prospective article about the building dedication, [12], In 1885 the Endicott Board made sweeping recommendations for new coast defenses, and among them was upgrading Fort Totten. Private developers have been trying to get their hands on the post since the 1960s. 2nd Brigade. The U.S. Army Reserve continues to work there as well. Subordinate units. Today, the building serves as the headquarters for the Army Reserve located on Fort Totten. Braving cold temperatures and blustery winds, Soldiers of the 80th Training Command and 77th Sustainment Brigade represented the Army Reserve at the New York City Veterans Day Parade Nov. 11, 2017. The facility was constructed at. The PSC Category is Z2JZ - Repair Or Alteration Of Miscellaneous Buildings. Continuing further on Sgt. Sand Springs Armed Forces Reserve Center | Tulsa, Oklahoma. Deliver vital engineering solutions, in collaboration with our partners, to secure our Nation, energize our economy, and reduce disaster risk. The design of the corps insignia is actually the other way around- the corps actually built castles along with forts, hence Castles Clinton and Williams in New York Harbor. This is US CITIZEN property! Soldiers from the 820th Signal Company-Tactical Installation Network (TIN), a Seagoville, Texas, Reserve unit, are partnering with 7th Mission Support Command hosts historic symposium. built in 1982-1984 to serve as the new headquarters of the 77th Walk-in services are NOT available at this office. If you served in 77th Army Reserve Command (77th ARCOM), Join TWS for free to reconnect with service friends. The post once had its own Post Office, but that job was taken over by the Flushing Post Office. of Parks & Recreation, New York State Military Museum - Information about Fort Totten, List of all US coastal forts and batteries, FortWiki, lists most CONUS and Canadian forts,, 1 disappearing M1894, 1 disappearing M1896. Within this field is the public pool and behind it, three former barracks, two of which are crumbling. Open & closing dates. In the 1960s, Fort Hamilton would become home to the United States Army Chaplain School, but later that operation would be transferred to Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Forgotten-NY has been to most of the citys historical forts, including Fort Tilden, Fort Schuyler, Fort George, Fort Hill, Fort Clinton, Fort Defiance, Fort Independence, Fort Tryon, Fort Greene, Fort Hamilton, and Castle Clinton. Truth. 10/26/2012. According to rumor, Fort Totten was the location of the safe house where Joe Valachi, the Genovese family mob turncoat and subject of a book called "The Valachi Papers", was hidden in 1970; he was later sent to a Federal prison in Texas where he died the following year. The building next to the Headquarters can also be seen today in Fort Totten Park. This is the official public website of the Louisville District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. " Originally built as a Civil War fortress, now a 60.39 acres shared site for New York Fire Department, the U.S. Army Reserve, U.S. Coast Guard, and NYC Parks. Fort Totten served as the headquarters for the anti-aircraft portion of the Eastern Defense Command during World War II, organizing anti-aircraft defenses for the entire east coast. But this is Just my opinion. It's the New York bottling plant." Mechel Pava. Neither nor Three Creeks Media are associated with or endorsed by the U.S. Thank you for sharing this. Activated 13 February 1948 at Brooklyn, New York. Military personnel assigned to the Fort Hamilton Garrison are ordered to report to the Military Personnel Office during normal duty hours. Instead of building roads and bridges in Afghanistan, the buildings built here would save countless lives, and give work to them also, giving them their pride back. Share on Twitter. The earliest known use of the area for defense purposes actually came in the century prior; as early as Independence Day, 1776 a small group operating on the future site of Fort Hamilton fired upon British vessels attempting to deliver troops to suppress the American Revolution; the attack is said to be largely symbolic but significant in the history of the fort. Fort Hamiltons Ainsworth Army Health Clinic closed its doors in 2015. "He disintegrates into the soldiers and once he's one with them and gains their full trust he inspires them to heights that they couldn't have imagined.". Beer, according to the Paul Thomsen, archivist for the Society for Military History, he managed the arms depot at Fort Totten in the late 19th century. Fort Hamilton is a historic Brooklyn, New York post and is located in the center of the NY metro area. Thats a lot of forts since Kevin began his service to this city in 1999. Fort Totten is a former United States Army installation in the New York City borough of Queens. NORTH FORT HOOD, Texas -- Some Reserve Soldiers training here for deployment to Operation Resolute Support in Afghanistan took the chance to evaluate their preparedness as leaders during an officer professional development program session Jan.16. It is a very windy corner of Queens. Along the way, it runs through 13 parks, two botanical gardens, the New York Aquarium, the Brooklyn Museum, the New York Hall of Science, two environmental education centers, and four lakes. From the Civil War through the 1980s, around 100 acres of land on the northeastern edge of Queens at Willets Peninsula were used as a federal military base known as Fort Totten. While we are always happy to work with any individual or organization with information, suggestions or questions about Fort Totten and this site, this site is not affiliated with, nor does it take any content guidance from, the US Army, the City of New York, New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, the New York City Fire Department . [12][15] On 9 May 1942 the Harbor Defenses of Eastern New York was inactivated and consolidated into the Harbor Defenses of New York; HD Eastern New York eventually disbanded on 22 May 1944.[19]. I was in the MP detachment. Available for both RF and RM licensing. So in reality, the street names are useless for postage and directions. In 1954, the fort became a Project Nike air defense site. "Watching Lt. Col. Moore's interactions with his men is something I strive for," said 1st Lt. Kevin S. Loyer, battalion service and support officer. While the U.S. Army Reserve continues to maintain a . "We were one big American family." Hussey spoke to Soldiers, local firefighters and guests at the Ernie Pyle Army Reserve Center located at Fort Totten, New York as part of the 9/11 Day. [14] A mine casemate, part of a controlled underwater minefield, was also built circa 1900, replacing an experimental 1876 casemate. Do you remember the name of the restaurant? The installation was designed to help supplement the firepower of Fort Lafayette and add protection for the narrows located between Staten Island and Brooklyn, New York. This Army Reserve Unit is from Queens, NY and based at Fort Totten. of Veterans Affairs , the Dept. High school enrollment is not zoning-based, but rather done on a space-available basis. The FDNY has since painted over some of the names on the sign plates for their own reasons. . The current design dates to 1840, a full 29 years before the school was built at the fort. The restaurant had a contract with the Army to feed us and the MPs. US Army Reserve Armed Forces Recruiting (718) 380-5449 16810 Goethals Ave Jamaica, NY 11432 3. Those are torpedo mines, not buoys, at the main gate. This is a very tough time in world history and in our nations history, were facing a lot of dark forces throughout the world and even in our own country right now, said Suozzi, an outspoken opponent of the Trump administration. The 41,000-square-foot OMS and AMSA facilities at the 2,100-member Fort Totten, New York, Army Reserve Center were fully restored. 1st Brigade. 105 E Main St. Smithtown, NY 11787. There is a waiting list for on-post housing and no advance sign-up possible for the list, but the new arrivals are be backdated according to the separation date from the losing base or command IF the service member notifies the Fort Hamilton Housing Office within 30 days of reporting to Fort Hamilton. Salvatore Ottaviano | Forgotten NY correspondent. 3rd Brigade. About the Position: This position is a military technician position with the 99th Readiness Division, AMSA 12 in Fort Totten, NY. The 90 mm gun batteries of the 41st were located throughout Long Island. No food or other amenities. The Fort Hamilton areas is served by Districts 20, 21, 15 and 31. Berry-Rosenblatt Armed Forces Reserve Center | West Hartford, Connecticut. Those are horizontal ventilation shafts in the (newer) ordnance magazine. The unit decided that by using required masks and proper social distancing, it could get back into the fight to successfully perform its vital mission. Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-551), Employment Authorization Document that contains a photograph (Form I-766), Drivers License or an ID card issued by the DMV, Any other Federal Department Personal Identity Verification complaint ID card, DoD or Uniformed Services ID card (DD Form 2/2764/2765), Custody or guardian papers filed through the court where applicable. I ride my bike through here every single day of the year It breaks my heart to see the buildings slowly deteriorating but also Governors Island could have been redeveloped into a gated community drawing the Wall Street cats from Connecticut. killed at Ie Shima by enemy machine gun fire on 18 April 1945, while Top Influencers in this Group . Fort Totten NY Army Reserve 17 773d Transportation Co. Doc Preview. U.S. Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-Little Neck), City Councilman Paul Vallone (D-Bayside) and Major Gen. Atop the granite gateposts are balls that were either buoys or torpedo mines manufactured at this base during the Spanish-American War. I was a MP from 1963-1965 at Fort TOTTEN . [10] However, construction was abandoned after the war, as masonry forts were considered obsolete following severe damage to some in the American Civil War. Preferred listings, or those with featured website buttons, indicate YP advertisers who directly provide information about their businesses to help consumers make more informed buying decisions. [9] Unusually, it was designed with four tiers of cannon facing the water totaling 68 guns. With the United States Army Reserve, serves as a Chief of Public Affairs, overseeing messaging for the largest Major General Command in the United States Department of Defense with over 35,000 . Thanks!) Bayside Hills [SpliceToday] Fort Tottens theater building has also seen better days.

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